How to get ahead of the Coronavirus to protect your family and loved ones

You have likely heard more details of the Coronavirus than you every wished.  If you haven’t just check this link now to learn the facts.  Unlike the news stories I have read that are causing public panic, I want to help you by dispelling the myths and provide you with the facts. I have even read FALSE online treatments claiming you can kill the viruses by drinking bleach and other harmful products. Some are extremely harmful and it will not work, it may even kill people.  

It seems that the world is currently repeating a pattern of epidemic infections.  Approximately every century has faced mass devastation of human life caused by a communicable disease, and the 2020 Coronavirus seems to fit into this natural time cycle.

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- Dr. George Flinn

Conservative Republican U.S. Senate Candidate

"Please, only listen to medical professionals when it comes to taking care of yourself and your family during this pandemic.

Follow these guidelines to keep you personally safe. We will beat this pandemic with everyone’s help."

While this emerging pattern of worldwide pandemics is not new it does not mean, it should be taken lightly.  While I do not want to cause panic or worry, but I do want you to realize this is not “just like any other flu virus” it should be taken more seriously, and treated with respect. 

The Coronavirus of 2020 has been named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization.

The fatality rate varies in different countries and there are multiple factors affecting those fatality rates.

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Here is what we know currently 

Although this disease began in a fish market in China, it is now clear that human-to-human transmission occurs.  This virus is spread through respiratory droplets, which can reach within 6 feet of someone coughing or sneezing. Also, touching an infected person or surface can transmit the disease if you then touch and transfer the virus to your own eyes, nose, or mouth.   Other SARS viruses can live up to 2 days on surfaces, so we assume that the Coronavirus can also contaminate a surface at least for 48 hours. On average one patient can spread the virus to 2.2 people; this means an epidemic will have the ability to increase drastically if not controlled in a timely manner.


The main control measures are isolation, infection control & quarantine of close contacts.

In China, the viral infection rate doubled every 7.4 days. It spreads rapidly because people can be contagious up to five (5) days BEFORE any symptoms develop. This means that we can only find the carriers of the disease after symptoms develop. During this time they are highly contagious. In New York City, the doubling rate is now 3 days.

Anyone with exposure to the Coronavirus should be isolated for 2 weeks to prevent further spreading of the virus.


Potential Solutions For The Government To Control The Outbreak

1) The Most Effective, and currently partially implemented solutions

  • Shut down all borders.

  • ALL people coming into the U.S. should be quarantined for 2 weeks.

  • Close all businesses and events for 15 days.


These solutions have been implemented in some local areas and will slow the epidemic.


2) Effective and practical


  1. Quarantine all people coming into the country for a 2 week period.

  2. Treat & isolate all current cases & quarantine all contacts of patients with the disease.

  3. To implement these more testing is essential.


What Can You Do NOW To Prepare

  1. Slowly and methodically purchase non - perishable food (you’ll need to maintain a 2-week supply for you and your family).  It is important to not “make a run” to the store for all of the food and other materials.

  2. Purchase adequate amounts of aspirin, acetaminophen, or other fever/pain relievers for you and your family.

  3. Purchase face masks (N-95s are effective). Go online and learn the proper face mask techniques. Here is a helpful link.

  4. Wash your hands often and have a supply of disposable gloves. Here is another helpful link.

  5. Have a supply of paper towels, paper plates, toilet paper, and usual daily consumables. This is so you will not have to make unnecessary trips out in the public.

  6. Practice proper social distancing. Here is an another helpful link.

  7. Take the necessary time-off work and keep children home.

  8. You may go outdoors but maintain proper social distancing from other persons.

  9. Have TV, online access, and a radio ready for communications.

Taking these 9 simple and effective steps will ease your mind from anxiety and worry.


We are attempting to turn this pandemic into an annoying inconvenience rather than a life-threatening problem.


Policy decisions need to be decided by science and facts, not politics and “sound bites”. is updated U.S. and would situations change and mirror the CDC guidelines.

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