As Republicans, It is Our Duty to Hold Washington and Our President Accountable 

"As a Lifelong Conservative, I look to the Constitution to guide our laws and policies." 


- Dr. George Flinn

Conservative Republican

U.S. Senate Candidate

I chose to run for the United States Senate, because I believe most people running for office focus on giving us fancy advertisements, slick slogans and promises to get elected. I want to offer something different to voters – real solutions. 

False promises, however, are not the only issue we face in getting long-lasting conservative solutions implemented. We also have the duty to keep our elected leaders in check – especially those closest to us. 

As a conservative, I believe our solutions are the right ones – and it’s my job to convince my fellow Americans that these policies are right for them. I also believe that it is our job as Republicans to grow our party and to support conservative solutions.  

Unfortunately, there are too many officials concerned with protecting their own power, instead of doing what is right. These “yes men” would rather keep their heads down – and go along to get along – instead of pushing for our values. Blindly agreeing with those in charge is against everything that makes America great. 

As Americans, we have the responsibility to question our leaders. This does not mean that we undermine them – only that we want them to do better. I believe the President and my party, like all of us, can do better. I believe our party should grow by selling our ideas – not attacking those who disagree. I also believe we should encourage all Americans to follow and walk with us – not attempt to divide us.  

To this end, I will call on the President to stop tweeting all but urgent messages to the American people. I will work to convince him that many of his tweets needlessly divide our nation and do not help to promote his conservative policies. The “yes” people surrounding him will not make that request, but I will. 

The President, of course, must still use Twitter to get his message out.​ ​He does not receive fair coverage from the media and needs an outlet to communicate directly with the American people. But these messages should be well-timed and related to his policy. We do not need to hear his every thought. Just like you and me, he might change his thinking over the course of a few hours. Unlike you and me, he is the most powerful man in the world, and his tweets can have a drastic impact on other nations and millions of people’s lives. 

I want to see our party succeed in promoting conservative, Republican policies for the benefit of the entire nation. We have a strong President who has re- established our nation at the center of the world stage. He has enacted strong conservative solutions that I fully support. 

I promise if anyone – even those in my own party or the President himself – derail this conservative mission, I will speak up. I will represent conservative Tennessee values at all times, whether or not others in the Senate, the House or even my own party agree.  

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