National Debt Crisis

Our National Debt Just Exceeded $23 Trillion

The power of the purse is one of the fundamental responsibilities delegated to the Congress by the Constitution. And it’s clear for the last seventy (70) years, Congress has taken full advantage of this power regardless of the perilous trajectory it places on America.  Congress allowed this unchecked power because they have managed to use tricks and evasion tactics to hide the true cost of their legislation.


A Real Solution

Most budget solutions you will read discuss massive cuts and while this is needed, we first must end the ways in which Congress hides how these debts and bloated budgets occur in the first place.  If we just cut, the next Congress simply goes back to their old tricks and builds back up the debt. As such, these solutions embrace fiscal responsibility, streamline the budget process and ensure the overall budget is more transparent.  It also identifies waste, fraud and duplicative services that must be ended to get control over our debt. As a final measure these solutions end certain tricks congress uses to avoid letting us know just how much they are spending. It should be noted that there are massive issues with our National budget, and these are simply the first of many solutions that we must exercise to get control of Congress’s out-of-control spending.   

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