A Note From George Flinn

This is the one section of the website that I would like to avoid, but my team felt it necessary to provide a section about who I am, what I have done in life. 


All of my experiences in life and business will translate to implementing real solutions for us in the U.S. Senate.   


I certainly understand the need to provide a frame of reference of who you will be hiring to be your next Senator, as long as we do not lose focus on what’s important – actually implementing real solutions to the complex problems we face.  


Typical campaigns provide long resumes of the candidates that tout his/her past accomplishments.  They produce slick ads that inflate what they have really accomplished and distract us from the truth – that they do not have solutions.  Sure they may have ideas or even values that we can support – but can they actually get anything done. All too often the answer is NO.  


In my opinion, we must stop electing people that try to sell or entertain us.  We must stop choosing people because they can deliver a great sound bite. We must look deeper.  Political insiders, those controlled by special interest, those seeking fame and those wanting to live the glamorous life on our taxpayer dollars should be avoided.  I am offering you an alternative. I focus on real solutions that we must implement. I hope you will join me in my effort to embrace real solutions. 


Of course, I want you to know who I am and to show you proof that I can get things done, so here is my resume.  And as you can see I have completed more than a few things. And I’m not done. Please contact me and let me know about your life, experiences and national problems we can address together.




George S. Flinn, Jr., MD, FACR, FAIUM



George S. Flinn, Jr. MD, was born in Savannah, Georgia

on July 16, 1943. His father, George S. Flinn, was stationed

in Savannah with his U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during

World War II. 


Dr. Flinn attended Memphis City Schools. He attended East

High School through the 9th grade and graduated number

one in his class from Central High School in 1961.


He attended The University of Mississippi, where he studied and graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. In 1966, he began Medical School at the University of Tennessee, Health Science Center in Memphis and was the Alpha Omega Alpha Outstanding Graduate (their highest honor) graduate in 1969. Following his Internship at Barnes Hospital (Washington University) in St. Louis, he was appointed by the President to the National Institutes of Health, Public Health Service in Bethesda, MD. During his time with the Public Health Service, he founded the Ultrasound section of the Radiology Department at the Clinical Center at NIH.  He also collaborated with other doctors and engineers in the invention and development of color ultrasound technology. His articles are often quoted in academic papers and books on ultrasound and echocardiography. 


When George Flinn returned to Memphis, he opened his private practice and led the efforts to educate the local medical community on the benefits and services ultrasound could provide patients. Dr. Flinn now operates seven radiology clinics in the greater Memphis area and has had a mobile clinic that serving rural West Tennessee and Eastern Arkansas. He also owns three specialty clinics in Memphis, and Germantown Tennessee and Greenwood Mississippi.


His entrepreneurial spirit just began with Medicine and Radiology/Ultrasound. His love of electrical engineering and radio, fostered by his amateur radio days as a teenager led to commercial broadcasting. In 1980, George Flinn built his first radio station, WGSF in Arlington Tennessee. 


In 1990, he and Kemmons Wilson, founder of Holiday Inns, partnered to build and operate began operation of Channel 30 WMKW television, in Memphis. The Flinn Broadcasting Company now owns 18 radio stations and seven television stations across the country. Dr. Flinn serves as the West Tennessee Director for the Board of the Tennessee Broadcasters Association. 


Dr. Flinn served the citizens of Shelby County for 6 years as their County Commissioner. During his time on the Commission, Dr. Flinn served as Chairman of the Economic Development and Personnel Committees. 


George Flinn has been licensed, both private and commercial, and certified to fly numerous single and multi-engine private aircraft including aerobatic aircraft. He had aerobatic flight training with a member of the United States Aerobatic Team. He became a helicopter pilot and also became a Certified Flight Instructor, as well as, an FAA medical flight consultant. 


Dr. Flinn has written an Amazon Number One Best Selling Children's book dedicated to his son, daughter, and 3 grandchildren. In addition, he is one of 3 authors of a medical specialty medical textbook and he has written 3 other non-fiction books that are dedicated to his mentors. 


George Flinn loves music and has played the harp, piano, guitar and, harmonica. He composed and produced a Christmas song and an anniversary song. George developed a unique radio format "Sunny AM1210/FM103.1" which features music and callers telling stories of growing up. It is broadcast online also (www.sunny1210.com) and has many listeners in the United States and other countries. George Flinn is proud to broadcast and see listener’s fascination with the Tennessee music, lifestyle, and memories.  

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